Friday, December 13, 2013

Welcome to Samoa!!

We've arrived on Samoa!! As I type it is 730 am on Saturday (around noon on Friday in WY) and we're ready to start our 1st full day in Samoa! We arrived to an incredible welcome from our host families @ the airport & got settled in to our hotel. After a long day of travels on Wednesday (and a fun trip to the market during our layover in Fiji!) we were tired & ready for showers! We were so glad to just relax last night in the beautiful city of Apia. Our morning is starting out rainy, and we are going to have breakfast & begin our first language lesson soon.

Our internet service will be scarce & somewhat costly, but I hope to post w/some photos later today.

Everyone is doing great & is in awe of the beautiful place & people we've already experienced.

Tafoa for now!

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