Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Boxing Day!

Merry Christmas! Today is December 26 in Samoa but December 25 in the US. Instead of opening gifts & drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace, we enjoyed a beach day at the awesome Matareva Beach on the southern coast of Upolu island. 

Not a bad place to spend a holiday! 

We were observing Boxing Day with our Samoan friends, as demonstrated by the fine boxing moves seen here by Skyler, Stacey, Patience, & Jonah. 

Our village stays are drawing to a close - tomorrow (Friday 12/27) will be our final day with our host families. We leave Saturday for 3 nights in Savai'i, then head back to our villages on Tuesday for a final good-bye, then catch a midnight flight to Fiji. 

We'll be back in the States on January 1...less than a week away! I remember when the count-down to our departure passed the 1 week mark - it was exciting but somewhat nerve-wracking with so much preparation to complete and so many unknowns about our trip. Now, as we are at the 1 week mark to return home I again feel excited, but acutely aware that this trip doesn't feel "finished" yet. Even with 3 weeks in Samoa this country still has more to show me and teach me. I can't wait to return and introduce Jarren to all of my Samoan friends!! 

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