Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Last Day at Home in 2013!

It's always a fun but unusual sensation to say "See you next year!" as we approach January 1st and the annual rolling over of our calendars. It's happening a bit earlier for me this year, as I'm wishing my holiday greetings to friends & coworkers and preparing for tomorrow's departure. When I arrive back home in Cody it will be 2014!

I know the 3 weeks are going to pass in the blink of an eye, but it still feels strange when I think about "missing" the holidays this year.  My holiday season will be nontraditional in almost every way, but it will be memorable and fulfilling in dozens of different ways ... ways I'm sure I can't even comprehend yet. I am crazy-excited to experience the new and unique traditions and festivities alongside new friends in Samoa, and I'm equally excited to return home and hear about the long-standing traditions and festivities my friends & family enjoyed. Maybe I'll even find a few Samoan ways of celebrating the holidays to take back home and incorporate into my own celebrations.

So what does someone do on their last day in Northern Wyoming before leaving for a 3-week South Pacific adventure? Play in the snow, of course! My #1 goal of the day is to spend 100% of it with my husband; the #2 goal is to get outside and enjoy the cold and winter weather as much as we possibly can. So we're off to share some time in the mountains - and make the final preparations for the beginning of this adventure tomorrow!

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